Measuring Success


SOSE are required, as an executive Non-Departmental Public Body, to produce an Annual Report and Accounts which will be published later in 2021 detailing our performance and sustainability report and financial spend for 2020/21. Progress against the priorities set out in this year’s Operating Plan will therefore be reported in next year’s Annual Report.

Our collaborative working with Scottish Government and partner agencies continues to develop a consistent monitoring framework that can compare activity across Scotland. However, SOSE has a wider remit than the other development agencies and we will be considering our activities through the lens of sustainable development, looking at economic, environmental and social impacts and enhancing the intersections of these areas.

We are actively developing a performance measurement framework that will allow us to:

This work will be led by our new Insights Team who will be tasked to create a suite of indicators that reflect the needs and ambitions of the South of Scotland. The team will also lead on the analysis of wider intelligence and undertake research to ensure we are always reflecting the needs of those who live, work and operate across our region.

An increasingly important area of work is around natural capital, as our beautiful and diverse natural assets present a real opportunity to bring inward investment and enhance the daily lives of our businesses, communities and visitors. Effective management of these assets is critical to address the two acknowledged issues of biodiversity loss and climate change. We have commissioned work to create a natural capital measurement approach, which will feed into our performance measurement framework and allow us to assess changes in our resource base so we can take appropriate action for enhancement.

We will continue to regularly report on our progress towards our priorities throughout the year via our website and social media, providing transparency and enabling accountability in all that we do.