Investment Priorities

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Investment Priorities – Already Committed 2021/22

We continue to focus on recovering from COVID-19 in 2021/22, and while many of the programmes we have committed to date have this as their focus, others are very much focused on longer-term developments. Our staff represent an investment in the South of Scotland economy through the help they bring to businesses and our communities.

What we have invested in

Investment and value (£):

Committed Programmes


Operations Team

Operational resources costs related to service delivery (£4.1m*)

Organisation Running Costs (excluding Operations Team)

Resource costs for delivery including estates and staff (£4.9m)

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborations with other strategic public body partners to deliver essentialtransactional services relating to finance, HR and IT (£0.8m)

*Expected staff budget by end of March 2022.

Investment Priorities – Future Programmes 2021/22

While we continue to focus on recovering from COVID-19 in 2021/22, we will also take opportunities to focus our resources on creating and investing in opportunities which act to sustain and strengthen our economy, businesses and communities for the longer-term. Our funding is arranged through a range of different funds and these will be invested flexibly to support strong and innovative ideas.

Future investments

Investment and Value

Revenue Programmes


Capital Programmes


Economic Loan Recovery Funds


Our approach to funding. We will:

• invest in areas which will have the biggest impact

• be bold and innovative in our thinking

• develop robust business cases with a focus on Fair Work and the Just Transition to Net Zero

• be open to a greater share of risk

• work with key partners to support the implementation of, and add value to, regional investment priorities such as Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal and Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal