Developing Our Action Plan

Group of young people

Legislation requires SOSE to publish an Action Plan setting out in detail how it intends to achieve its twin aims of “furthering the sustainable economic and social development of the south of Scotland” and “improving the amenity and environment of the south of Scotland”.

Given the immediacy of the need to support businesses through the pandemic, the decision was made to defer production of our first Action Plan by a year to March 2022. This also allowed us to embrace the opportunity to align with the emerging Regional Economic Strategy (RES) and our strategic planning cycle with our Enterprise and Skills Board partners.

Continuing the work underway to develop our future ambitions for our region, we will – with extensive consultation across the South of Scotland – work on our Action Plan which will define our longer-term priorities over the next four to five years. The Plan will guide our future focus and investments across all we have been established to do to meet our aims, making sure we play our part in building a fairer, greener and stronger Scotland. It will outline the steps we plan to take to realise the vision at the heart of the Regional Economic Strategy.

To develop our Action Plan, we want to hear what you, the people of the South of Scotland have to say about how we achieve our aims. To this end, we will be consulting widely with you over the autumn of this year – seeking to be as inclusive as possible. We want you to get involved and help shape the future direction of SOSE as an organisation and the South of Scotland as a region. Following consultation, we aim to publish our Action Plan by the end of March 2022.