Arriving at Our Priorities for 2021/22

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Our activities are underpinned by the South of Scotland Enterprise Act 2019, that recognises to realise the full potential of the South of Scotland, our actions need to be directed across a wide range of activities. Applying a collaborative and place-based approach to develop our region, we are:

Our interim annual strategic guidance letter from the Scottish Government emphasises that SOSE needs to be responsive in the face of changing circumstances as we recover from COVID-19, ensuring a strong focus on business and community resilience. Our recovery is to be led by green growth and the promotion of fairness and wellbeing.

The Scottish Government expects us to invest and develop longer term opportunities and to:

In setting our priorities, we are also focused on the themes emerging from Regional Economic Strategy and direction from the SOSE Board to ensure that we remain flexible and collaborative in our approach to deliver the best outcomes for the South of Scotland.

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